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"Musical Possibilities are endless"

       Drummer, composer, bandleader, producer, and mixing engineer Justin Bowden has continued to add lots of fuel to the fire in the northeastern jazz scenes. Blending the sounds of elegance, intensity, and clarity, the concept of emotion is clearly cultivated and propagated onto the listeners wherever he performs. Early on in his career, Justin has already created a buzz, collaborating and sharing the stage with people such as Steve Rudolph, Robert Edwards, Jonathan Ragonese, Josh Lee, Ronnie Waters, and more. His teachers and mentors have included people like the late great trumpeter Ronnie Waters, drummer for the Branford Marsalis Quartet Justin Faulkner, Grammy winning producer Mike Mangini, and other outstanding educators like artist development and vocal coach and Melissa Mulligan, drummer and producer Chris Lōser, Grammy award winner and saxophonist Tim Warfield, Brooklyn producer Matty Amendola, saxophonist Steve Fieldhouse, principal percussionist for the York Symphony Orchestra Dave Hershey, educator and saxophonist Curt Sipe, bassist for Everything Yes Band Cole Sipe, and others.




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-Dave Hershey (drums)
- Justin Faulkner (drums)

-Chris Lōser (drums/production/band)
-Ronnie Waters (performance)
-Matty Amendola (production/mixing)
-Mike Mangini (production/mixing)
-Melissa Mulligan (industry)
-Steve Fieldhouse (bass/band)
-Curt Sipe (trumpet/band)


       In Dover Pennsylvania, Justin’s love for drumming began at a young age with pots and pans, until the pans were terribly dented, and his first drum set was bought. First approaching the more classical side of music, he enjoyed the compositions of writers like Bach and Dvořák, later becoming a student of Dave Hershey, principal percussionist for the York Symphony. Inspired by his teacher he auditioned and became principal percussionist of the York Junior Symphony, where he gained a big portion of his musical knowledge and skillset.  Later in his career, inspired by names like Elvin Jones, Wayne Shorter, Miles Davis, Buckshot le Funke, Mike Stern, Bud Powell, he became further interested in the culture and concept of jazz, joining many different bands in the area. The Central Pennsylvania Friends of Jazz Youth Band, where he was mentored by the local legend and trumpeter, Ronnie Waters, was critical to his development as a musician. Cultivating skills from other music groups, such as Inspire, run by saxophonist and educator Curt Sipe, he began to gig with his mentors and other local band leaders. Later gigging with more prominent leaders in the community (Steve Rudolph Quartet, Jonathan Ragonese Trio, etc.), he began to build a following and eventually brought his own trio (Justin Bowden Trio: Matt Monticchio, John Gingerich; AJ Myers, Gavin Horning) to events such as Harrisburg Arts Fest. After moving to Philly, he has performed with musicians like Grammy-winner Josh Lee, Robert Edwards, and Oliver Mayman. Justin has recently opened for the great composer and trumpet player Etienne Charles.




      At just 16, he joined the Central Pennsylvania Friends of Jazz as a board director and continues to serve as a leader in the local jazz community, helping with business organization and strategic planning. Later he also became an ambassador for Music Career Mastermind, an online music production and artist development program. Justin has also served as the house drummer for a local jam session. Culture, community, and creativity are rooted in the core of Justin’s values. Culture—is all about the value of cultures in music. “Your upbringing, your memories of home; they’re all welcome to be integrated into the music we make together while we honor those who came before us. Community is all about the importance of relationships with musicians. Sharing musical goals, compositional ideas, friend groups, and even the bandstand with a strong music community is essential for any developing musician. Creativity is all about mastering our craft and improving our musical lives with a growth mindset. Dedication to creativity is a key attribute in any great musician. This is why we should aspire to explore new realms, pushing ourselves to strive beyond what we know.”

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