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"Musical Possibilities are endless"

 Justin is a drummer, bassist, and a producer/mixer based out of central Pennsylvania. He has deep roots planted in jazz and has expanded to other genres that range from gospel to progressive metal, to fusion. He has collaborated with people like Jonathan Ragonese, Steve Rudolph, Ronnie Waters, and more. Before exposure to all of that, Justin’s love of music began as a child playing pots and pans until his parents got upset with all the dents. That’s when they bought him his first drum set. The first music he played and listened to was classical music. Beethoven, Holst, and John Williams inspired him to join an orchestra where he eventually became the first chair percussionist.


Later in his career he joined different jazz bands such as the Central Pennsylvania Friends of Jazz Youth Band under director Ronnie Waters and Inspire bands directed by Curt Sipe and others, playing all over PA. This is where he discovered some of his favorite artists such as Buddy Rich, Miles Davis, Mike Stern, Wayne shorter, Jeff Lorber, Pat Metheny and many more. After hearing these amazing artists, he was inspired to pick up the bass, as that would help him write the bulk of his music in the future. 


Justin’s current goal is to encourage this generation to become exposed to a variety of types of music, especially jazz. “I believe it’s best to supplement other genres of music together to make a big musical stew. When we allow ourselves to see another’s viewpoint and ideas, we can learn and not be limited to what we play. When this happens, the musical possibilities are endless!” Justin writes, produces, mixes, and masters his own music. “When you can write and produce your own music, nothing can stop you, even a pandemic.” He looks forward to the future with new lenses, striving to spread a positive message about music, hope, and truth.


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-Dave Hershey (drums)
-Chris Lōser (drums/production/band)
-Ronnie Waters (performance)
-Matty Amendola (production/mixing)
-Mike Mangini (production/mixing)
-Melissa Mulligan (industry)
-Steve Fieldhouse (bass/band)
-Curt Sipe (trumpet/band)
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